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All-in-One Downloads Updated (Finally!)

Yes, I finally got around to updating the All-in-One downloads as well.

These are the scenery libraries that I have created or use and a dump of all my scenery files, regardless of what state they’re in. Some of them are finished, some aren’t, some never will be… They can be found by visiting the “All in One Downloads” link under Flight Simulation on the top menu.


  1. Matt Curry

    Thanks for making all these airfields available in one place. Could you post something to let us know which ICAO codes relate to which airfields? I have found East Wretham (X3ER) and Digby (X4DG), but am still looking for Bodney and Debden.


    1. Ian P (Post author)

      Hi Matt,

      As I’m recreating the pages for the website, I’m putting the “ICAO” codes on each page. Bodney is currently “S141” and Debden is “S356”. They will be changing when they are uploaded, though, to the Xnxx code (X3BD, for example, is Bodney’s new code). If you put “RAF” in the aerodrome name box, that should list all of them.

      Hope that helps!


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