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  • ICAO Code: EGYK
  • Location: Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom
  • Type: Operational Bomber
  • Parent: RAF Bomber Command
  • Current Version: 2.0
  • Download link: Download
  • Required Libraries, IJP (version 20180808 or later)

Situated just South of the city of York, RAF Elvington is one of many airfields that cropped up in this area at the height of World War 2, as the tempo of bombing operations against Germany increased.

Opening in October 1942, primarily on land that formerly comprised Elvington Common, its layout was similar to earlier inter-war bomber aeroromes, but it lacked the facilites of those built during peacetime, relying on huts for technical/admin accomodation and suffering considerably from drainage problems that still blight the site to this day. The original design, indeed, called for a much smaller grass airfield, but that was very soon abandoned and the hard surfaces were initially occupied by the Whitley bombers of 77 Squadron, who very quickly upgraded to the Halifax. Handley-Page’s four engine heavy bomber was to occupy Elivington for the rest of the war, although 77 Squadron moved away to be replaced by Free French crews.

Post war, the airfield was very heavily modified to be suitable as a forward base for aircraft of the USAF Strategic Air Command, including the construction of a single runway almost three times the length of the original and a massive concrete apron. Both the SAC runway and apron are still present today, while the remaining buildings of the WW2 technical area now form the Yorkshire Air Museum. The site has been used for motor racing, vehicle trials and was infamously the site where Richard Hammond of BBC TV’s “Top Gear” suffered life-threatening injuries after crashing a jet powered car.

As a result of the post-war modernisation and the museum, much of the original layout can still be found on aerial imagery, although the technical area is almost completely obliterated outside the museum area.

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