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  • ICAO Code: X6TG
  • Location: West Sussex, England, United Kingdom
  • Type: Operational Fighter Command
  • Parent: RAF Fighter Command – 11 Group Sector Station
  • Current Version: 0.1
  • Download link: Download
  • Required Libraries, Ted Andrews, Bill Womack, IJP


When discussing World Wa2 2 RAF Operations, Tangmere appears a lot in the conversation.

First used as a landing site during World War 1, Tangmere was expanded and extended significantly during the inter-war period and by the start of World War 2 it was a major Fighter Command station, operating not only in its own right, but also as a Sector Station and housing a Sector Control Room. By this point it had a large complement of hangars including seven Belfast Truss type sheds and a Handley Page shed (although the promised Handley Page bombers never actually turned up!)

Unfortunately, the Luftwaffe knew this and by the end of a single raid, the hangar complement went from 8 to 0. Every single one had been destroyed or damaged beyond repair to the point where it had to be pulled down.

The winter of 1941 saw Tangmere develop hard runways and more expansion still, with fighter squadrons operating through until 1944, alongside Special Duty Lysanders, Coastal Command aircraft and even the odd Wellington bomber (for reasons best left explained by someone else…) The activity continued post-war, with Tangmere operating both Gloster Meteor and Hawker Hunter jets before the last aircraft left – Westland Whirlwind SAR helicopters of 22 Squadron – in 1974. The airfield was sold off in 1979 and these days is covered in very large greenhouses – although much of the layout is still visible and aircraft still operate from the huge apron in front of T.2 hangars installed after the war. These aircraft are, however, a far cry from the Hurricanes of the 1940s – they’re radio controlled models.

This version of Tangmere is classed as being a “beta” aerodrome and is has a number of issues, as well as numerous missing structures. It is, however, fully usable within the sim. The current layout presented is prior to the addition of the large apron in front of the hangars, but the T.2 hangars are in place. I’ve yet to decide exactly when to set this scenery, given there are so many options.


[Waiting for final version!]

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