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  • ICAO Code: EGMA
  • Type: Operational Fighter
  • Parent: USAAF 8th Air Force
  • Current Version: 1.4
  • Download link: Download
  • Required Libraries, Ted Andrews, Bill Womack, IJP

Located in Cambridgeshire, UK, RAF Fowlmere has a history dating back to World War I, when not only did its association with fighter aircraft begin, but also with US occupancy.

As the primary station of the red/white chequered nosed Mustangs of the 339th Fighter Group, Fowlmere saw considerable active service during World War II, before being closed and returned to agriculture. Part of the airfield is still in use for aviation today, however, using a small area in the North, around Fowlmere’s sole T.2 hangar.


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