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RAF King’s Cliffe

  • ICAO Code: X3KC
  • Location: Northamptonshire, England, United Kingdom
  • Type: Operational Fighter
  • Parent: USAAF 8th Air Force (Station 367)
  • Current Version: 1.0
  • Download link: Download
  • Required Libraries: IJP, IJP SODE, Larry Green USAAF Vehicles


King’s Cliffe (also known as Kings Cliffe or Kingscliffe) was originally planned as a satellite station to nearby RAF Wittering in 1940, opening in early 1941 as a Spitfire station, although its early occupants needed to forward deploy aircraft for operational use, as King’s Cliffe was too far from the fighting for the Spitfire’s limited range.

The first US visitors were a P-39 Aircobra unit working up prior to leaving for North Africa, but the airfield was handed to the 8th Air Force with the arrival of the 56th Fighter Group, Zemke’s Wolfpack, with their P-47 Thunderbolts in January 1943. The Wolfpack only stayed until April, after which RAF units rotated back through until the arrival of King’s Cliffe’s most well known inhabitants.

The “Loco Busters” of the 20th Fighter Group arrived with P-38 Lightnings and white noses, rather than the later P-51Ds and Ks with black and white “piano key” markings that most people know of. Between their arrival in August 1943 and departure at the end of the war, the 20th FG clocked up a total of 312 missions, with 449 aircraft victories, for the loss of 132 aircraft missing or destroyed. Their unofficial unit nickname came from the period around the ‘D-Day’ invasion in June 1944, when they became known for their skill in attacking the occupiers’ railway logistics.

This scenery of Kings Cliffe has been created using a period Aerodrome Reference Plan and many custom objects have been created to fit. Unfortunately there are a few for which drawing numbers could not be ascertained, so generic structures have been put in place to represent these. It does, however, require a version of the IJP libraries dated “20180110” or later for all structures to be visible. To see the USAAF vehicles, Larry “Tako Kichi” Green’s Hobbs AAF will need to be installed. This is included in the “All-in-One Library” download.

Also included is a SODE file, providing runway control caravans and a working runway “T”, showing which runway direction is active.

Note: The aircraft included in the screenshots are the Warbirdsim “Mustang Collection” P-51D-30NA ‘Happy Jack’s Go Buggy” and the Sim-Outhouse A-20G ‘Havoc’, used in testing in lieu of a P-38 Lighting. A-20s were not based at the airfield.

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