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  • ICAO Code: X3RA
  • Location: Suffolk, England, United Kingdom
  • Type: Operational Fighter
  • Parent: USAAF 8th Air Force (Station 157)
  • Current Version: 2.0
  • Download link: Download
  • Required Libraries: IJP, IJP SODE


Originally designed and constructed to Class A Bomber Station standard, RAF Raydon in Suffolk, East Anglia, never actually received any operational bomber squadrons to occupy it.

Instead of the B-17s or B-24s that had been expected, the 9th Air Force took it over for the first part of its operational life, being used for both direct strike and escort roles over occupied France before being handed to the 8th Air Force and the 353rd Fighter Wing.

The 353rd remained at Raydon until returning to the United States at the end of the war in Europe. The yellow and black chequers adorning the noses of their P-47Ds and later P-51Ds will forever be associated with the airfield, even though they were not the only unit to have been based there. Today, Raydon is primarily returned to agriculture, although much of the layout is still visible from the air and a large part of the technical area is still standing and in use as an industrial estate.

The original version of RAF Raydon was one of the first sceneries available from this site and as such it has been seriously overdue a rework for a long time. “Raydon Redone”, as version 2 has been dubbed throughout its creation, is a complete reconstruction of the scenery using a period Aerodrome Reference Plan and far more accurate models and reference materials. Because a large number of new structures have been created specifically for the scenery, you will need at least version 20171216 of the IJP Scenery Object Libraries to see all of them. Also included is a SODE file, providing runway control caravans and a working runway “T”, showing which runway direction is active.

Note: The aircraft included in the screenshots is the Accu-Sim Wings of Power 3 P-51D Mustang from A2A Simulations. For details of the 353rd FG repaints used, please see the AI traffic section of the readme file.

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