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The List

Whenever people suggest new airfields to me, or similar, they often get a response that it’s “on the list”… But that list never seems to be very formal. I don’t know its entire contents off the top of my head, either. So here it is. How often it’ll get updated I have no idea, but this is a list of all the airfields I’ve currently done in a table format. It’s of use to me, even if no-one else ever pays any attention to it! šŸ™‚

ICAO CodeNameCountryStatusPeriodLink
22WTransylvaniaNC, USAWiP - Just a bit of funModern
AGFB"Camp Banjo"Guadalcanal, Solomon IslandsCompleteWW2 (USMC)
B7LGMartrignyFranceRequires RebuildWW2 (RAF)
BMFDBloomfieldCanada (Fictional airfield)WiPModern
CYLELewisporteCanada (Fictional airfield)CompleteModern
CYWWHazelmere FieldCanadaComplete - addition to Orbx PNW area sceneryModern
EGABEnniskillen St. AngeloNorthern IrelandDone using library objects. Needs full rebuildModern
EGAITullyconnaughtNorthern Ireland (Fictional Airfield)WiPModernN/A
EGBOHalfpenny GreenEnglandWiPModernN/A
EGBORAF Halfpenny GreenEnglandWiPWW2 (RAF)N/A
EGCKRAF LlandwrogWalesWiPWW2 (RAF)N/A
EGDRRNAS CuldroseEnglandComplete - improvement of default sceneryModern
EGELOban North ConnelScotlandWiP - Improvement of default sceneryModernN/A
EGHMHambleEnglandCompleteWW2 (ATA)
EGLPNPAS Lippitts HillEnglandCompleteModernN/A
EGMARAF FowlmereEnglandCompleteWW2 (USAAF)
EGOVRAF ValleyWalesComplete - Improvement of default sceneryModern
EGPSRAF PeterheadScotlandCompleteWW2 (RAF)
EGPUTireeScotlandWiP - Improvement of default sceneryModern
EGQBRAF BallykellyNorthern IrelandCompleteModern
EGQMRAF BoulmerEnglandCompleteModern
EGSMBecclesEnglandWiP - Improvement of default sceneryModernN/A
EGSURAF DuxfordEnglandWiPWW2 (RAF)N/A
EGTDRAF DunsfoldEnglandCompleteWW2 (RAF)N/A
EGVPRAF Middle WallopEnglandCompleteWW2 (RAF)
EGVWRAF ThurleighEnglandCompleteWW2 (USAAF)
EGWCRAF CosfordEnglandComplete - Improvement of default sceneryModern
EGYKRAF ElvingtonEnglandVersion 2.0WW2 (RAF)RAF Elvington v2.0
EGYRRAF WattonEnglandCompleteWW2 (RAF)
EGYRRAF WattonEnglandCompleteWW2 (USAAF)
EGYRRAF WattonEnglandCompletePost-War
EILRLough RamorIreland (Fictional Airfield)CompleteModernN/A
ENHLHerdlaNorwayComplete - Needs ReworkWW2 (Luftwaffe)
EPDLVOL JaworPolandWiPWW2 (Luftwaffe)
FAORJohannesburg IntlSouth AfricaComplete - name Change for default airport.Modern
IOMA (Will change)RAF AndreasIsle of ManWiPWW2 (RAF)N/A
IPBG"Ian P's Getaway"WA - United States - Fictional airfieldCompleteModernN/A
IPBTPlateau Training CentreWA - United States - Fictional AirfieldCompleteModernN/A
IPCAFulmore Lake CabinsBC - Canada - Fictional airfieldCompleteModernN/A
IPP1Prettybigge HouseEngland - Fictional airfieldWiPModernN/A
KNKXMiramar MCASCA- United StatesComplete - Improvement of default airfieldModernN/A
KNTDPoint Mugu NASCA - United StatesNot a clue - not sure what I've done to it!ModernN/A
L113Landing Ground 113EgyptCompleteWW2 (RAF)
MI08Trout LakeMI - United StatesNot a clue - not sure why it's even here!ModernN/A
Q0TCTramecourtFranceCompleteWW2 (Luftwaffe)
Q1CFCaffiersFranceCompleteWW2 (Luftwaffe)
Q1VHVenlo - HerongenGermany/NetherlandsWiP - Passing project on to someone elseWW2 (Luftwaffe)N/A
QLAQAl Qa'arahLibya - Fictional AirfieldCompleteWW2 (Luftwaffe)
TST1 (Will change)RAF OtherfieldEngland - Fictional AirfieldWiP - may well never be completedWW2 (RAF maybe?)N/A
VYVGMa Au AirfieldBurma/Myanmar - Fictional AirfieldCompleteWW2 (RAF)
X1WKRAF WinkleighEnglandCompleteWW2 (RAF)
X2DBRAF DebdenEnglandCompleteWW2 (USAAF)
X2FRRAF FristonEnglandCompleteWW2 (RAF)
X2HNRAF HornchurchEnglandCompleteWW2 (RAF)
X2HORAF Holmsley SouthEnglandCompleteWW2 (RAF)
X2KYRAF KenleyEnglandWiPWW2 (RAF)
X2SXRAF Stoney CrossEnglandWiPWW2 (RAF)
X2TGRAF TangmereEnglandWiPInter-War (RAF)N/A
X2TGRAF TangmereEnglandWiPWW2 (RAF)N/A
X3ACAF AtchamEnglandWiPWW2 (RAF)N/A
X3BBRAF BassingbournEnglandCompleteWW2 (USAAF)
X3BDRAF BodneyEnglandCompleteWW2 (USAAF)
X3BLBridleway Gate RLGEnglandCompleteWW2 (RAF)
X3CORAF CondoverEnglandWiPWW2 (RAF)N/A
X3DORAF Downham MarketEnglandCompleteWW2 (RAF)
X3ERRAF East WrethamEnglandCompleteWW2 (USAAF)
X3FRRAF FramlinghamEnglandNeeds UpdateWW2 (USAAF)v1.0
X3GYRAF GaydonEnglandWiPPost-War (RAF)N/A
X3HARAF HarringtonEnglandWiP - Needs vehicles & SODE FileWW2 (USAAF)N/A
X3HERAF High ErcallEnglandWiPWW2 (RAF)N/A
X3HWRAF HalesworthEngandCompleteWW2 (USAAF)N/A
X3HXRAF HixonEnglandCompleteWW2 (RAF)
X3KCRAF Kings CliffeEnglandCompleteWW2 (USAAF)
X3LSRAF Little SnoringEnglandCompleteWW2 (RAF)
X3LWRAF Little WaldenEnglandCompleteWW2 (RAF)
X3MORAF Montford BridgeEnglandWiPWW2 (RAF)N/A
X3RARAF RaydonEnglandCompleteWW2 (USAAF)
X3RKRAF RackheathEnglandCompleteWW2 (USAAF)
X3RNRAF RednalEnglandWiPWW2 (RAF)
X3SBRAF Sutton BridgeEnglandComplete - needs reworkWW2 (RAF)
X3SXRAF LeistonEnglandCompleteWW2 (USAAF)
X3TARAF Thorpe AbbottsEnglandCompleteWW2 (USAAF)RAF Thorpe Abbots v1.0
X3TPRAF TempsfordEnglandComplete - needs Gibraltar FarmWW2 (RAF)
X4DGRAF DigbyEnglandCompleteWW2 (RAF)
X4GMRAF GrimsbyEnglandCompleteWW2 (RAF)
X4MERAF MetheringhamEnglandNot startedWW2 (RAF)N/A
X4NKRAF North KillinghomeEnglandCompleteWW2 (RAF)
X5CARAF CatterickEnglandCompleteWW2 (RAF)
X6BNRAF BanffScotlandCompleteWW2 (RAF)
X6DMRAF DremScotlandWiP - used to test ALS Mk.1WW2 (RAF)
X6TWRAF TwattScotlandWiP - I couldn't resistWW2 (RN)
X8LVRAF LimavadyNorthern IrelandCompleteWW2 (RAF)
X8NCRAF Nutts CornerNorthern IrelandCompleteWW2 (RAF)
ZPVGBaishaxiangChina - Fictional airfieldCompleteWW2 (AVG)

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