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I hate doing this…

Unfortunately, I really do hate doing this, but I have to ask fans of my scenery for some help.

I’ll cut to the chase and just say that if anyone can spare a couple of their local currency units to type into the “PayPal Donate” button on the right hand side of my website, that would be very, very, useful right now to keep the website alive.

It’s just a bit of bad timing, really. As many of you are already aware (it’s not like I keep it a secret!) I am unable to work at present due to both physical and mental health problems – the latter caused by the former, but they’re both very much there. The downside of this is that my income isn’t exactly great, so when Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs decide that their maths failure and our failure to tell them about their maths failure (because we don’t have their tools to work out how much they should be allowing us!) means we owe them thousands of Pounds and the website renewal come in at the same time, we’re stuffed. There simply isn’t any money in the bank to pay for domains and hosting.

Obviously, we’re trying to find other solutions to the problem in more than the short term, but it’s only around two weeks before the domain expires and we won’t have anything in place by the time it does.

Roll on September, when smallest child starts school and most of these issues become far less complex!


  1. Dick Budgen

    Happy to help Ian.

  2. Nathan Smith

    Only discovered this site today thanks to a download for FSX:SE… I know the pain of website hosting renewals, have you thought about setting up a web server for the website and just directing it to a domain – that way you only pay for the domain renewal. If you have any spare computers you can build a linux server and had the required storage. It’s alot cheaper but bit more involved in setup but it may be an option

    1. Ian P (Post author)

      Hi Nathan, sorry for the delayed response. That is a perfectly valid option, yes, but it’s not a particularly practical one. I used to run corporate servers for a living and my wife still does, so we’re more than familiar with their setup and operation. Unfortunately we’re also used to how much work securing and maintaining server software is (Linux/Unix and Windows are all surprisingly alike in how much updating they need done!) plus it adds in availability and other issues, which is why I opted to let someone else be responsible for all the hardware on this one.

      May I ask which download referred you to here, out of interest, please? Just being nosy… It’s interesting to know who uses what I create for what!


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