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I really do dislike hackers.

You know all those files that I said I was going to be releasing? Well they all got held up because some little [censored] [bleep!] individual hacked into the WordPress plugin that I was using for a contact form and set it as a redirect to a ransomware site. Thankfully, all it did was send you to a site, it did NOT install anything, if you happened to visit the page.

After numerous hours trying to fix the problem, I opted for a more simple solution: I’ve deleted the offending plugin, complete with attached malware injection, and replaced it with another one that is being more actively updated by its author, then run the site through half a dozen website scanners to check that it is really gone. I can only apologise about what happened, even though it was beyond my direct control. Hopefully I can get back to doing what I’m supposed to now!

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