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Morris at the Gym?

It’s been a while since I posted anything again, so here’s a quick update; mainly about WW2 Halfpenny Green and trucks… Because I never mention them, right?

Halfpenny Green first. I’ve been working on the domestic side of the road again, this time adding the still-extant Gym/Church (Dwg 16428/40+15424/41) to the layout.

As you might expect from me, this led on to other things, including a Cinema 8891/42 and the whole set of a
16428/40+15434/41+8891/42. These are now in the IJP_WW2_RAF_Domestic library, in both brick and rendered versions, along with the also still extant Squash Court 16589/40.

I still need to do the WAAF Ablution block (16339/41?) and Standby Set House (unknown drawing number) which are on the farm site, plus the Petrol Pumphouse, Batmens Quarters and Officers’ Mess, all of which are also still extant on site but on local drawing numbers which no-one seems to have, unfortunately. At some point, I need to go and beg the campsite owner to let me hunt for traces of the timber construction Sick Quarters, but the rest of the extant buildings are on the farm site. I also need to approach airfield management for permission to get to the outside of the cinema (which is a VERY unstable ruin) to see what I can photograph and work out of that, as it bears no dimensional comparison to any of the cinema drawings I’m aware of. It’s too fat and too long!

The other thing I set out to do was that I found a nice photo of a USAAF runway control vehicle based on a Morris GS8 4×2 15cwt truck chassis, which I thought would make a nice change from the generic towed caravan that I put everywhere using SODE. I haven’t made the RWC vehicle yet, because I got a bit sidetracked… By General Service Open, Covered and cab roof versions, along with all three models including Explosive Ordnance Disposal red mud guards.

Excuse all the extra white space, please – the system currently has two screens attached and it seems to be confusing my graphics packages.

Anyway. These are currently only in “Mickey Mouse Ears” camo (c1 in my model nomenclature) apart from one test EOD vehicle in Royal Navy blue for HMS Tern/RNAS Voldemort (“The Airfield That Shall Not Be Named!”). These have their own “IJP_WW2_RAF_MorrisVehicles” library, as there are more Morris models to come and RAFVehicles is getting really rather overloaded! Should I break that up into smaller libraries, bundle them all together, or leave it as it is? You tell me! 🙂

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