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"Landing Ground 113" (Egypt)

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The North African Campaign of World War 2 was typified by large distances between settlements and, particularly, operable landing strips for aircraft.

As a result, forward operating bases with compressed sand runways became the normal operating environment for large numbers of airmen and machines on both sides, with the bases being almost as mobile as the front lines.

This scenery represents an Allied forward landing ground in Eastern Egypt, near the border with Lybia. Landing Grounds 112 and 114 are shown on a map of the area in Wing Commander C.G. Jefford's "R.A.F. Squadrons" book, but no L113 so I chose a location between the two real ones and took the number to create this scenery.

It is not meant to be a realistic representation of what L112 and L114 looked like, but is created entirely from my imagination. Apologies to anyone who flew in this campaign and is offended by my representation, my intent is only to give FS pilots somewhere to operate desert-liveried aircraft from.

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