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"Ma Au" Airstrip

When A2A Simulations announced that they would be updating their WoP2 P-40 Mustang to WoP3 standard with Accu-Sim added, it was moderately inevitible that I'd end up doing an airfield for it.

The thing is, I also keep being asked to make photoreal backdrops for my sceneries (by people who presumably don't know how much that stuff costs!) so I decided to go around the problem instead and work with, rather than against, the default scenery. The result is this: What I'd like to think is possibly the best hidden airfield I've ever made.

But that's the entire point. Ma Au is intended to represent an American Volunteer Group (AVG) dispersed operating field in Burma during the Japanese invasion of mainland Asia. These were intended to be well hidden to prevent them being spotted by IJAF patrols so were usually well away from settlements and major routes.

The airfield comprises a single dirt runway, with camouflage nets to conceal parked aircraft and the tents for accommodation, etc, in a clearing within the woods.

This place is miles away from anywhere. There are no navaids nearby, no large towns, no major roads. The only ways you're going to find it are by dead reckoning, cheating, or starting here.

The airfeld is set up completely around the P-40 and I really wouldn't try flying anything bigger from here. You might get aircraft into and out of the runway, but they probably won't fit under the camo nets. I'm sure someone will try anyway and I'll find a picture of a B-17 or a C-130 parked here soon!

The following screenshots were kindly provided by Nick Churchill.
Please note: The aircraft seen in the following screenshots is the A2A Simulations Wings of Power 2 P-40B.

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