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Baishaxiang, China

When A2A Simulations announced that they would be updating their WoP2 P-40 to WoP3 standard with Accu-Sim added, it was moderately inevitible that I'd end up doing an airfield for it. If you already have my "Ma Au" scenery then you'll recognise that opening paragraph, but this one exists for exactly the same reason; it is, however, slightly different as well.

Unlike Ma Au Airstrip, Baishaziang is intended to represent an AVG 'home station', where more complex maintenance could be carried out and heavier aircraft could be handled such as the C-46 and C-47, etc. The location was recommended by a member of the A2A forums, as there was a WW2 airfield actually in the area, but this is misidentified on Google Earth as being where I placed this airfield - in reality, the WW2 airfield was south of Lijiang, near Ximiancun, where it is now known as Lijiang Sanyi Airport (ZPLG/LJG).

Being a frustrated writer at heart, I had to come up with a little backstory for this little place, anyway, so please just use your imagination for a minute... The original dirt strip and apron were opened in the mid 1920s by prospectors looking for minerals to extract in the hills north of Lijiang. When ore was found, the surface was laid with tarmac and extended, along with the small terminal and two storage/maintenance hangars behind it being built, to service the mine and its personnel.

Unfortunately, the find turned out to be a bust - the ore vein was tiny and unproductive, so the mine closed in 1931 and the airfield fell into disrepair very quickly, its surface cracked and pitted, the hangars left to rot, although the terminal found use as a local stores and meeting place, so it was kept largely in good repair.

When CNAC and the AVG were looking for potential sites in China, Baishaxiang was offered and, although in a poor state of repair, the offer was taken up. The locals were evicted from the tower and terminal and, as the old hangars were beyond economic repair, having been robbed of many materials over the years since the airfield closed, new hangars and accomodation for aircrews were built. That's the state we find it in for this scenery.

Please note: The aircraft seen in the following screenshots is the A2A Simulations Wings of Power 2 P-40B.

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Note: One of the testers for this scenery discovered that one of Alex D. Nicolson's "Allied WWII Airfields In China Burma India" (, is actually located only half a mile or so away from this one, which is a pity. We think he intended it to be Lijiang and was sent to the wrong place, again by Google Earth. However you'll have to either choose between his, mine, or both very close together. Sorry!