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RAF East Wretham

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Although best known as home to the green-nosed Mustangs of the USAAF 359th Fighter Group, the grass airfield at East Wretham actually started the war as an RAF Bomber Command station, operating the Wellingtons of 301 and 115 Squadrons and even Lancasters of 1678 Heavy Conversion Unit before being handed over to the arriving American units.

Due to waterlogging issues, as many grass airfields suffered from, the 359th laid a steel mat runway across part of the airfield, while retaining the grass runways for drier weather, as well.

Having swapped their original P-47s for P-51s o various marques and ended the war with a Distinguished Unit Citation, the 359th returned home in November 1945 and the airfield did the standard "paper chase" exercise, initially to RAF Fighter Command, then to Technical Training, before being used as a resettlement camp for Poles until finally being sold off for the most part in 1954. Parts of the airfield are now a bird sanctuary, while other parts are within a military training area. Astonishingly, however, many of the Nissen Huts that made up the predominant structures on the station, still remain intact to this day.

Due to limitations within the sim, I have not been able to recreate the exact runway layout this time because when crossing the steel mat runway with grass ones - even zero width grass ones, I always ended up with a massive green patch across the steel mat runway. Clearly this was unacceptable, so only the steel mat runway has been positioned as such. You can still use the grass areas to operate at will, of course.

Download link: RAF East Wretham v1.0