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RAF Bodney

One of the problems with grass aerodromes, once they have gone out of use, is that they very quickly blend into the landscape. Even if they aren't then subsequently buried forever under housing or industrial estates, this tends to make them very difficult to find and recreate. Because of this, RAF Bodney is not unusual for one reason, but two - the fact that it is still clearly visible from the air and also because it was a USAAF operational airbase with purely grass runways.

RAF Bodney was originally opened in 1940 as a satellite field for the Blenheim light bombers from nearby RAF Watton and it served in this role, for both operational units and the Miles Masters of an Advanced Flying Unit, until its most famous users arrived in 1943 - the 352nd Fighter Group of the United States Army Air Force, better known as the "Blue Nosed B*!£$s of Bodney".

Having been in existence a long time before the United States joined the war, Bodney was basically a standard RAF operational base but, unlike many others, when the fighters arrived, the grass runways were not replaced with hardened ones and the basic layout of the station remained RAF pattern.

This recreation, for Microsoft Flight Simulator X only, recreates the base as close as I can get it from the sources available. With the recent release (at the time of writing) of the FSX update for the A2A Simulations WW2 Fighters P-51D, it seemed a good idea to give the new model a base, so here it is.


Please note that the aircraft featured in the screenshots are 352nd FG repaints of the A2A "WW2 Fighters" P-51D Mustang, using modified commercial AI flightplans which I do not have permission to distribute. No AI is included with this scenery.

Version History
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v1.0 First release.

Known Issues

When using Horizon VFR mesh, a cliff is present behind the technical area. As Bodney is supposed to be surrounded by trees anyway, using photoscenery is very much not recommended.