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Ian P's Library Objects

It became evident fairly quickly after I started creating FSX sceneries that no matter how many libraries I was able to use by other people, there were always going to be essential objects missing. There are two possible solutions to this - the first is to get someone who knows what they are doing to create new objects, but they tend to be off and busy doing their own thing. This leaves me with the second, which is learn gmax, curse gmax, swear at gmax, threaten to throw the computer out the window regularly... occasionally I end up with something vaguely useful.

The result so far is a collection of not particularly brilliant scenery library objects covering everything from a grass berm between fighter dispersals (that was the first one) to a stone church with a collection of objects to go around it.

As these objects will change over time, whenever I upload a change, I'll link it on this page as well.

These scenery files are and remain the copyright of Ian Pearson, 2008-2014.

Latest update: 27th October 2014
Download Link: Click here

Object Libraries Included:


These AEC Matador truck models - one 6x6 refueller and one 4x4 tractor - were very kindly built and mapped for me by Bill "Lionheart" Ortis. I then changed the textures from those he supplied me to what you see here. So the models are good, the textures... not so much? Both tanker and tractor are available in blue and tan paint.

Austin K2Y

The Austin K2Y "Katy" was a light utility truck used by all branches of the British armed forced during WW2. Made famous as an Ambulance in the film "Ice Cold in Alex", I originally made the model of the K2Y as an ambulance, but have also included tan and blue painted "General Duties" versions. At some point in the future, I may add a green Army and green USAAF variant to the list.


Originally intended to be just for Luftwaffe objects (hence "DLW"), this has actually grown a little since. It includes Flakvierling quad AA guns in defensive berms and out both grey and sand yellow (meshes for AA guns and MGs from Turbosquid), four fighter pens (two desert camo, two green camo), a small suspended net and a partially buried command bunker based on photographs of the one at Caffiers in Northern France.


This library contains mainly Kubelwagens. Closed, Open, Screened and Canopy models are included with camo, sand and grey textures. Also included is an sdkfz7 Half track (mesh from Turbosquid) and a collection of Opel Blitz trucks including refueller, ambulance and two "General Duties" versions. The Blitz trucks are models from Turbosquid once more and thus far better quality than my own efforts!


Two basically identical small British Anglican-style rough stone churches with square tower, lich gate and assorted objects. The only difference between the churches is that the entrance swaps side from left to right.


The original library, containing WW2 airfield objects - primarily grass banks of various descriptions to go around bombs, aircraft, a Ted Andrews Nissen Hut and similar, but also a small collection of 500lb bombs and a Nissen type bomb fusing hut.


Currently contains a generic pub called the Hare & Hounds. This will expand as I make more objects.


Guess what this contains?! There is actually only one tent here at the moment, a small one based on a British Army WW2 tent design. It comes in green, white and sand textures.


My attempt at an Austin 7 Light Utility Truck, better known as a "Tilly". Comes in a variety of colours. Please ignore the badly mapped door, I don't seem to be able to fix it without remapping the entire truck, which is annoying.


The textures directory is common for all object libraries and textures may be shared between library objects to reduce the load on FSX when running. Therefore all textures are required for all libraries.

Note to Scenery Designers

Although these objects aren't particularly good, there may be occasions where you wish to use them to save yourself some work. If so, please feel free, but if you insist on including these files in your distributed sceneries, please also include a link to this site in your documentation and an acknowledgement of who is responsible, so you're not blamed when someone complains about a yellow stripe up the side of the pub or something.