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RAF Debden

By Ian P - Posted on 07 March 2010

RAF Debden was an inter-war airfield that served as a fighter station from the beginning of World War II to the end, acting as a Sector Station during the Battle of Britain and being passed to the USAAF in 1944 following a refit.

The version of RAF Debden I have created is the post-1944 version, with hard runways and a scattering of additional dispersal points constructed using steel matting. "The Eagles" (partially formed from the early war RAF Eagle Squadrons comprised of US nationals) operated P-47s and P-51s until the end of the war, when the station returned to RAF control prior to being handed to the Army, who currently occupy the site.

Please note: The latest (version 1.1) version of this file contains fixes to make it work with Orbx's FTX England scenery. The ICAO code has changed (to X2DB from S356) and the old version will need to be removed before using this one.

In order to see the USAAF vehicles by Larry "Tako Kichi" Green, his Hobbs AAF scenery from Sim-Outhouse, or my Bassingbourn or Fowlmere sceneries will need to be installed.

Download: Link