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RAF Dunsfold

RAF Dunsfold is primarily famous for things other than its World War Two operations. Built originally on a site earmarked for Army Co-Operation flying, the site was actually first occupied by two squadrons of Royal Canadian Air Force P-51 Mustangs. These were replaced fairly soon by RAF B-25 Mitchells, however, and the station continued to be an active medium bomber base until the end of the war.

With hostilities ended, Dunsfold became a reception centre for returning Prisoners of War and then went into a period on Care and Maintenance before being leased to a start-up airline operator. When Skyways went out of business in the early 1950s, the site was occupied by Hawker Aircraft and went on to be used for testing of a number of famous aircraft types including that most commonly associated with the airfield, the VTOL/STOVL Harrier strike fighter.

After a number of changes of ownership and name, air operations ceased from the site when it was sold off by British Aerospace and these days it is most commonly known as the studio and test track for the BBC's "Top Gear" motoring juvenility magazine show.


Please note that at time of release, the moderately absymally textured trucks are not included with the scenery. They are still undergoing development but will be added to the IJP library download when I give up even trying to improve them.

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