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Not Just One Library Upload, but Two

The reason I said a while back that the last library update I did was “intermediate” was that I was still working really quite hard on a number of projects – some of which have advanced faster than others. With the first of these now complete and uploaded for release, I’ve also uploaded two different archives to hammer the internet connections of users of my scenery – I’m both sorry and not for that!

The first is the usual update of my FSX Libraries, this time to support the release of RAF Banff, which includes a large number of updated, improved or brand new custom structures.

Secondly is a new download altogether, in the form of my initial library of SimObjects for use in SimObject Display Engine (SODE). If you are unfamiliar with SODE, it is a method of restoring the missing “conditional animation” functionality back into FSX and P3D, which we last had from Microsoft back in FS98. This means that scenery objects can be loaded or altered depending on weather conditions, time of day and user position / actions, for example. More information on SODE, including the online manual and file downloads, an be found at the SODE website.

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