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Privacy Policy

Under European Law (which covers this website at least until so-called “BREXIT” and probably still will after, in reality…) we are required to provide this Privacy Policy, or data security statement. It tells you what information we gather and hold on you, what we do with it, your rights as to what you can tell us to do with it and who to contact to do something about it.

Let’s start out, however, by stating one thing: We don’t sell your data, we don’t go out of our way to collect any data and we have no real desire to identify you unless you want us to; for example so we can e-mail you back if you have a question, or follow us via Social Media platforms.


Types of Information collected.
Pretty much every website on the internet collects information about you and we’re no different here. WordPress collects information and we personally collect information, as follows:

  1. Cookies: When you first came to this website, you will have been presented with a little bar stating that the website uses cookies and that by using the website, you agree to us creating them. This isn’t strictly true any more, however WordPress – the software which runs this site – uses cookies to track what pages you visit on the site and other information. This cookie is standard to all WordPress installations (unless the website operator edited it, of course – we haven’t) and is stored on your local device. You can stop your device allowing and storing cookies at any time by disabling them in your browser, but please be advised that this – and most other – websites probably won’t work properly if you do so. We do not use the information collected by cookies for any reason other than to aid your use of the website.
  2. E-mail/Name: If you contact us, either directly, through the comments sections on the website’s pages or via the contact form, then you will need to provide a name and e-mail address. This information will only be used to contact you back in the event of a question or request. It is not and will not be passed or transmitted to anyone else unless you explicitly agree to us doing so, either verbally or in electronic form (i.e. by e-mail or personal message via social media).
  3.  Contact Form: In addition to the name and e-mail address mentioned above, the Contact Form records your publicly visible IP address, which it transmits from the site to us in the form of an e-mail. Once more, this information is only used to contact you back if your comment or question requires an answer. It is not and will not be passed to anyone else without your explicit permission.

This website does NOT require you to login to use it and we do not allow account creation requests from anyone other than administrators, who require access to update the website.

Analytics and Security Software.

This website uses a number of analytical and security plugins to allow us to see what people are interested in and to track problems with the website. This information is not used to track or identify you personally, but rather is used to see where in the world visitors to the website are, how many there are and what in particular they are looking at.

Most of this information is publicly visible, either by looking at the maps in the right sidebar, or by viewing the analytical information available here. Please note that Webstats is awful at updating itself if you’ve already accessed it, so you may well need to clear historical files from your browser cache and refresh, if it keeps showing you the same page.

In addition to this, the website uses firewall and security software to try and stop those who would like to damage or hijack this website from doing so. Once more, these tools do not attempt to personally identify you and only use the information they gather to secure the site and report problems (such as attempts to access missing pages, for example). Information collected by these plugins – your publicly visible IP address – will be transmitted to the organisations which created them to enable better security, track attempts to circumvent this security and similar lawful purposes. We will not provide any data other than your IP address to these plug developers/maintainers and as such they do not constitute personally identifiable information.

Social Media.

We use social media – specifically Facebook and Twitter – to distribute information about the website and its contents to people interested in hearing from us. Any data provided by you to these platforms is held by them and not by us. Therefore their privacy and security policies will apply. We will not ask you to provide personally identifiable information via social media and you should not post it in any publicly visible place. If, however, you do choose to do so then the information will be held and used as per the “Types of Information Collected” information at the top of this page.

Third Parties.

In this context, a third party means someone that we pass your information to for them to process or store it. There’s a simple answer here – we do not pass personally identifiable information on to anyone. We don’t like our information being passed around, so we’re not going to pass yours around, either.

The only data which is transmitted from this site to other parties is as mentioned under the “Analytics and Security Software” section, above. This comprises the publicly visible IP address which is used by the internet to function and without which you would not be able to view this – or any other – site anyway!

Policy Review and Contact.

The person responsible for data protection and GDPR inquiries is the site owner – Ian Pearson – who can be contacted via the Contact Form at the top of this site.

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