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Following the printing of my reply to a previous letter in the latest issue of PC Pilot (thanks for the full page, PCP editorial crew! 🙂 ), I’ve received a handful of comments and responses that people would, indeed, like it if I attempted to port my sceneries across to X-Plane 11. Without being an excuse or a begging post, this is intended to make it clear what the situation between myself and XP11 is and what can or will be done.

I’ll start with the obvious. Right now, I’m not imminently going to be porting any scenery across. There are a number of reasons for this, including the fact that I need to create a lot more models to do so properly, but to put it bluntly, the primary issue is that I need more motivation to put in the time and effort to do so.

For FSX, I have a massive collection of quality WW2 aircraft – some freeware, the majority payware, but it’s more that I’m spoiled for choice of aircraft to fly from my airfields, rather than that I develop for what’s available. For X-Plane, there’s a real dearth of content to develop for. Khamsin have a B-17G, a B-25J and a P-51D, but other than that, all the aircraft I’ve looked at for XP11 have been, how can I put it, “not as high a standard as I’m happy with”. In some cases, that’s an extremely polite way of putting it, such as a payware Spitfire that is very clearly the wrong shape.

So, right now, I’m developing one and upgrading two airfields for FSX. I can’t port them to P3D, because I don’t currently have a license for it to test in. It costs a lot of money for a sim that I don’t really use. The same applies to buying WW2 aircraft for XP11; given our always borderline financial situation, I’m not really in a position to buy expensive payware just to then have to work out how to create somewhere for them to fly from and to.

So. If the XP11 fans want me to port things over, then get me something to fly that will convince me to do so. Something that’s the right shape, performs at least near to the real world numbers and I can afford… i.e. freeware! Alternatively, if enough people throw a couple of quid into the kitty using the “donate” button to buy the Khamsin P-51D… 😀

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