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It’s been very quiet from me the last few months. I know. Sorry. As per the previous post, winter is not kind to my anatomy. However, I haven’t been entirely idle.

I’ve just uploaded a beta version of RAF Ballykelly (hybrid modern layout) in case anyone wants to take a look at it. The current download is quite large, but that’s because it’s got my latest scenery libraries in it too, for no better reason than I couldn’t be bothered to separate out the ones used by Ballykelly so far.

Ballykelly was originally a Coastal Command airfield, operating Liberators and Fortresses to protect Atlantic Convoys, on the North coast of Northern Ireland in County Londonderry. Later, it operated the Shackleton in the long range patrol role, but was also a fighter and training station at varying points, before being handed to the Army as Shackleton Barracks. These days? Closed and deteriorating fast.

The version presented here is a hybrid between Shackleton days and Shackleton Barracks. Basically, the Barracks with runways open. However, it’s basically an AFD file with a few buildings scattered around. The runways and taxiways are all operational as intended, but there are no parking spots, a lot of spaces left to fill and a lot of jagged edges. The download can obtained by clicking here.

If you have any feedback, please use the Facebook or Twitter feeds for now, because there are still a few issues with this site that need ironing out.


  1. chris drake

    Hi Ian.Is your camp Banjo scenery still available?

    Cheers Chris

  2. Ian P (Post author)

    Hi Chris,

    Yep: – It’s here – it needs some screenshots before I can make a page for it. I just moved doing so up the list.


    Ian P.


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