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Taking FlaK… and updating it

It went a bit quiet again, but once more it was actually for a reasonable reason… Mainly that my health took another nosedive, as it tends to. I’m on a double dose of one of my medicines for a while.

Anyway, I haven’t been completely idle, it’s just taken me  lot longer to do things and one of the things that’s had some fixes and a lick of paint is the FlaK38 “Flakvierling” that sits on most of my Luftwaffe airfields.

It’s now properly mapped, no longer shiny and no longer just one plain colour. To go with that, it also sits in a new emplacement that has fewer MG42 machine guns (i.e. none) but does have a low-poly ammo crate, is lined to stop it collapsing and has a wooden floor to stop the gun always sitting on the airfield texture.

At present, the gun is only in the “green” (actually camo) texture seen on the right above, next to its out-of-scale predecessor in its angular dirt emplacement. I’ll get them painted up in “sand” and “grey” as well, as soon as I can – I’ll also retain the same GUIDs as the old versions, so they will directly replace them when you update the library file, with no further action required.

Perfect it is not. I don’t claim it is, but it looks better than it did. When I get the German Soldier model rigged again, I’ll try and get some sitting in the seats, at which point I’ll also have to do some serious LOD work, because the poly count is stacking up a lot more than I’d like.

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