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Thank you.

I may have only got four replies to the previous post, but the generosity of those four people means that the website is now registered and hosting paid for another two years.

With no replacement for FSX on the horizon still (Don’t tell me that P3D is a direct replacement for FSX. It isn’t.) then it looks like I’ll be continuing to support the old fogey of a sim for some time yet, although I do now have the SDK for P3Dv4 available to me and am also looking at XP11 as a future platform – if I can work out its ‘somewhat unique’ scenery design tools. I’ll also continue trying to update/create sceneries for new WW2 aircraft releases, even though I won’t be buying any of them for the forseeable future. I suppose I should resurrect the “WiP List” that the old site had, although it would be even messier now than it was then!

I’ve only got four updates since my last post: I’ve added a B.1 hangar plus two of the remaining buildings from Halfpenny Green (which are also of use for some other places. I’ve also finally figured out what a Hispano 20mm gun pit looked like and am looking at what I can do to improve another scenery and get it compiled natively for P3Dv4. That’s a Spitfire one, for the Accu-Sim P3D Spitfire I/II, which I don’t have a copy of yet, either!

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