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This is a post about Trucks. It’s called… Trucks.

Things seem to have been quiet around here again and yes, they sort of have. I say “sort of” because there’s actually been progress on a number of things, but none of them have been really in a condition to show.

What I have completed is some trucks, but not for MSFS this time. I’m really not sure that the bright pink would count as good camo even in the desert, with these! They’re Euro Truck Simulator 2 skins for “Knebworth Trucking“, the entirely made up logistics company of Matt Peddlesden, whose Twitch streams are well worth a watch if you get chance. Still, it makes a change to actually complete something and, for once, these things actually work in the sim!

The truck skins are for specific people, but the trailers will hopefully be on Steam Workshop soon(tm).

Oh yeah. The post title? Blame Sandra Boynton and Fountains of Wayne…

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