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Well… Bother.

I was hoping to upload a new version of RAF Raydon today, completely recreated from scratch on top of an official aerodrome reference plan and with almost everything in the right place, to the right drawing number (there are a few simple replacements, but nothing massively critical…) – then FSX decided that it wasn’t going to play any more.Unfortunately, what’s now happening is that every time I inject “wind” into the sim, it CTDs. This is somewhat unhelpful when you are trying to test scenery with wind-direction specific runway selection, also known as  pretty much every airfield ever, except maybe Lukla.

So some deep and meaningful fault finding is now taking place. I seriously hope that I can find a fix, because the idea of a FSX rebuild, let alone a Windows rebuild, is enough to make me sob into my latest drip-feed of tea at present. Wish Windows System File Checker luck… That’s what’s running at present!

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  1. Terry Boissel

    My P3D v3 did the very same thing to me just after lunch today. Re-installed it but still doesn’t want to play.

    So I have walked away from the computer until tomorrow when I use my FSX instead. Curses I say!


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