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What’s Next? Did I stop doing scenery altogether?

It’s a question that’s been asked a number of times by people, seeing as it’s been months and or years since I was actively releasing/updating stuff, so this blog post is an attempt to explain where things are and what’s happening with my scenery.

As a starting point, anyone who has downloaded the “All-in-One” pack will be very aware that there are a whole horde of unfinished airfields in there. The reasons they are unfinished are many and varied. Some I don’t have the information for, some I started, then they got overtaken by other, more urgent, ones. At least half a dozen are simply waiting for me to create a bloomin’ Belfast Truss General Purpose Aircraft Shed, which I seem to be mentioning a lot. I did actually start it the other day… I should probably go and steal my wife’s laptop (which, unlike mine, can actually run Blender) and crack on with it, but there are two small Ps – best described as “chaos” and “mayhem” – that I’m trying to Police as they pour water all over Granny and Granda’s patio…

Anyway. If I can get the Belfast sheds done, that opens up a number of options for some of the airfields, such as Tangmere, Kenley and Duxford – which is partially done in both early-WW2 RAF and late-WW2 USAAF guises. That then leads to questions about whether I should recreate airfields before or after large lumps of them got blown up by the Luftwaffe (usually including said Belfast sheds…)  I’m also under constant pressure (Stephen! I’m looking at you!) to fix all the cliffs, slopes and other mesh problems around the existing airfields, along with trying to integrate SODE-controlled lighting, runway caravans and partial signals squares. I’ve yet to work out how to make SODE launch red or green flares at you. Maybe I should look into that? 😉

The answer to the original question, basically, is that things appear to have stopped because my inner perfectionist is demanding that I do them better. I want proper PSP runways where they should be, I want Bofors, M2HB and Lewis Anti-Aircraft emplacements to match the Luftwaffe Flakvierlings. I want ground crew figures and little “vignettes” of maintenance, rearming, refuelling crews servicing aircraft, etc. Unfortunately, although my head is demanding them, I don’t currently have the ability to create them and that’s frustrating me. Right now – well, OK, when I’m at home, not at the in-law’s house on a six-year-old cheap laptop – I’m trying to improve the texturing on some of the vehicles I already have, using PBR techniques to render to flat textures. I’m also trying to convert the ultra-low-poly German Infantryman that you’ll see at some of the Luftwaffe airfields into a Luftwaffe ground crew figure and a small collection of RAF personnel. I haven’t even looked at USAAF personnel yet, sorry.

So yeah, anyway, Aerodrome Lighting System Mk.1, AA positions, people, hangars, SODE… In general, I’m trying to replace all of everyone else’s buildings with my own at future airfields too. That’s why nothing is apparently happening. I guess I’ll leave it up to anyone who has managed to read down this far as to whether they’d rather I went back to doing more airfields with the current level of gubbinses and whatnots, or whether they’d rather I try and make them more detailed in the future, or make the ones I have already more detailed as well…

Answers on a postcard, e-mail or in the comments below. 🙂

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  1. Madaboutsims

    Do what you have passion for, you’ll find those are the ones you finish and will always be your best work


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