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All-in-One Downloads


The files linked here are the “All-in-One” downloads for the object libraries that I have created and host, plus my scenery files, whatever state they may be in.

The “All-in-One Library Download” contains the Bill Womack and Ted Andrews scenery libraries, plus Larry “Tako Kichi” Green’s Hobbs Army Air Field scenery and my ever growing object library collection.

The “All-in-One Scenery Download” contains a dump of my “IJP Scenery” folder, containing all of my sceneries, whether complete, Work-in-Progress or just-dumped-here-never-to-be-completed. Just because something is in here does not mean that it will ever have more work done on it, sorry! If you do want me to work on a specific scenery, though, then please let me know.

Also included in the All-in-One Scenery file, as of the start of 2018, are the SODE (SimObject Display Engine) files for airfields that are so equipped.

I will be repopulating the site with individual downloads as and when I can, as well as updating the screenshots for them, where they have changed. However, as that may take some time to complete, I’ll make individual announcement posts for each one as they happen.

All-in-One Scenery Downloadhttp://www.ianpsdarkcorner.co.uk/all/IJP_All_Scenery_20180110.zip

All-in-One Library Downloadhttp://www.ianpsdarkcorner.co.uk/all/All_Libraries_20180110.zip

Files last updated 10th January 2018
(Only a year since the last update, this time… Stop complaining! 😉 )

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