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Yegads, sah! It’s a whole new scenery, what?!

Here’s something I haven’t done for a while… It’s a whole new scenery at version 1.0!

To go with the release of the new Aeroplane Heaven Hawker Typhoon Mk.Ib, I said I’d give it somewhere to fly from… to which Aeroplane Heaven very graciously supplied me with the model to fly out of it. I’ve actually made two and am working on a third, the first of which is B.7 Advance Landing Ground, at Martragny in Calvedos, France.

The ALG concept came from the lack of infrastructure in the South of England during the equipment build up prior to Operation Overlord. With steel matting or sheet operating surfaces, tents for accommodation and if you were really lucky a Miskins Blister Hangar or two for repair protection (B.7 doesn’t have any), the airfields were as basic as you can get.

The advantage of the ALG concept is that they could be assembled (and removed) very quickly indeed, leaving little to no trace that they were ever there. The bad news about this is that finding them and recreating them is almost impossible… Therefore, my B.7 scenery is representative and I apologise for any inaccuracy. I wanted to do it quickly, however, to stick with the historical theme, so this entire airfield was built in a single day. The family strongly suggests that I don’t do this again!

Some screenshots of B.7 ALG and the download link can be found on its page, here. The scenery uses only my libraries and default FSX objects. To see the static “Tiffies”, however, you’ll also need the static model from Sim-Outhouse, which can be found on their FSX scenery object library, here.

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