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It’s Here: The Map of Almost Everything

It’s been promised for a long time. It’s been planned for even longer and there actually was one a while ago, but it vanished into a folder somewhere and never re-appeared… So after a significant amount of kicking, cajoling and deleting the old file that was blocking me seeing it, here’s a whole shiny new Google Earth file showing the locations of almost, but not quite all, of my scenery files in the “All-in-One” download.

The reason I say almost but not quite is that some of them haven’t been detected. I don’t know why, but none of them are overly important. It’s places like the little fictional Canadian sceneries for the A2A Cub and a couple of fictional WW2 fields in the Far East. I’ll check the file structure for them and if necessary, I’ll update the kml file to include them at a later date. I’ll also find somewhere more useful to link to the file using.

Until that point, there are two files available to download, depending on what you want to use to open it. Google Earth will open either:
KML (uncompressed) format: Download
KMZ (compressed) format: Download


  1. Henk van der ven kalmthout belgium member FSCB

    Great great Ian the world is waiting for this type of scenery Rediculous to land my WW2 aircraft on schiphol airport There should be good scenery available of Duplicate britisb american and German airports in Europe

    1. Ian P (Post author)

      Hi Henk,

      These have been here for years – I’ve just been utterly appalling at keeping the site up to date! 🙁

      I have information now to help with both Venlo (Luftwaffe Night Fighter field in NL) and Lille Nord (Luftwaffe Bomber field in Belgium) so the Continental airfield count is increasing. Thanks to a very nice gentleman, I also have a huge amount of info on the Normandy Advance Landing Grounds, so there should be more to come there, health permitting.


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